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About Parenting skills mentoring

& coaching

Parenting Skills Coaching’ is a parenting coaching business that helps busy parents work through relationship problems within their family, that are clear or not yet identified. Clients grow self-awareness at home and in life to unlock their full potential. They get to create the kind of relationship they are happy with their children. The benefits and results clients get are that they see a whole new way of being and acting in creating working relationships with their children, actions that align with their happiness, peace of mind, and joy at home.

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Our Vision

The relationship between parents and their children is the most loving, joyful, happy, and close-connected thing in the world. The strong bond between them will evolve, grow, fully self-express, with a sense of freedom, be at ease, and last for a lifetime, with authentic, open communication, and the will to forgive.

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1 to 1 Mentoring and coaching services Group mentoring and coaching services

Private membership site – Monthly group call Offering online Courses (later on)

What we do

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Mum coaching (one to one) $120 x 1 hour

Dad coaching (one to one) $120 x 1 hour

Parents group coaching $60 x 1 hour (limit to 5 parents)

SPECIAL PACKAGE $500 x (45 minutes x 7)

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Our Clients

Upon having conversations with Kim I feel the weight of heaviness removed Resulting in new found clarity new perspective and developing my own conversational starters on topics that I couldn t have before anonymous

Kim Loeu

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Point Cook, Victoria, Australia 3030

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Our why

The inspiration behind the business.

The inspiration behind my business is deeply rooted in my personal journey. Born in Cambodia, I was separated from my parents at a young age due to the country’s political climate. This early separation strained my relationship with my mother, a challenge that persisted even after we were reunited.

As I grew older and became a mother to five wonderful children, I faced the daunting task of fostering an environment of love, open communication, self-expression, freedom, fun, and mutual support at home.

This was no easy feat, considering my own childhood experiences. Determined to overcome this challenge, I embarked on a journey of personal development that spanned over two decades. Through extensive training, I acquired the skills necessary to cultivate the family environment I had always envisioned.

Once I had successfully implemented these skills within my own family, I realized that many other families were grappling with similar issues in their personal and familial relationships. Driven by a passion for helping others navigate these challenges, I spent seven years coaching families and individuals. The joy and fulfillment

I derived from witnessing their progress and achievements were immeasurable.

Today, my business is not just a means of achieving financial independence for myself and my family. It is also a platform through which I can give back to society by helping parents and children foster happier relationships at home. With years of coaching experience under my belt, I am committed to making

a positive impact on the lives of those I serve.